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Ceres Hybrid Strength & Conditioning

Members only group gym classes

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Ceres Hybrid sessions are a blend of a variety of training/weightlifting techniques.

Utilising good training practices, Hybrid Conditioning will spend time on strength, power and conditioning during each session. 

Whilst Hybrid sessions can be tough, all are scaleable for any ability and our coaches are able to tweak existing sessions to suit the individual. There's no one size fits all! 

Each session incorporates the weightlifting/strength and conditioning movements with addition of gymnastics skills including kipping movements, handstands, rope climbs, skipping and barbell cycling. 


The sessions are coach-led and open to all abilities. You don't have to know how to do a movement, just be willing to give it a go. Scaling options and progression techniques will be offered to each individual. 

Classes are every Tuesday evening & Saturday mornings, memberships can be bought in services page. 

Memberships starting at £40 a month (averages £5 a class)

If aren't a member of the gym and interested in joining our conditioning class please get in touch for free trial 


Tuesday 7pm

Saturday 11am

Get in Touch

Ceres Training 

24 Richfield Avenue 

Reading, RG1 8EQ


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