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Brown Belt
10+ years experience

Juan, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is the founder and head instructor of Ceres BJJ.
Since moving to the UK as a small child Juan has always had a keen interest in martial arts. Studying taekwondo at 6 years of age until 10, he later went on to take up traditional Jiu Jitsu from 12 up to 15 where he went on to be awarded his Green Belt (4th kyu) until the local school unfortunately closed. 
After randomly watching a UFC event on TV on evening caught his attention and Juan found a local BJJ school and started his BJJ journey! 
Having started training in Silverbacks Academy in Canterbury, Kent under Black Belt Paul McGinty, Juan later relocated to Surrey and joined Andy Roberts BJJ a second degree Black belt under Roger Gracie.
Juan went on to get all his coloured belts under Andy, also teaching the midweek mornings classes and Saturday morning classes. 
In late 2021 another move meant that he would have to change academy's again and Joined Roger Gracie Academy HQ in Hammersmith in London where he is currently training.

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